Bumper – Nic – 10ml


Need a little kick? No problem! The nicotine bumper lets you share nicotine free juice with a non-nicotine using partner, or boost already nicotine-containing liquids for those really hard days – anything to keep you off the stinkies, right?

The marking system is calibrated for use with a 60ml unit; What about 30ml units? Simply use half the recommended amount. This can be used in a 100ml or 120ml unit but the resultant nicotine level will be 40% and 50% lower (respectively) than indicated on the bottle markings

Read the instructions on this one!

– 99.9% USP Nicotine
– Propylene Glycol
– Vegetable Glycerine

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The nicotine in our Nic Boost product is diluted to a level that is generally considered safe but Nicotine is a poison so handle this product with care. Be careful not to spill. Do not use this product undiluted. Shake well after you have added the nicotine to your liquid before vaping.

In the event of contact with the skin, rinse off immediately with clean water. Consult a medical professional, if you experience any side effects. Do not ingest.